“If you flood the economy with counterfeit money, the market will crash” - John Eldredge

This is happening to softball. The softball world is filled with counterfeit methods that claim they're the road to success or to college softball. It is too easy to pick up and make a team, or start giving lessons without proper credentials. There are people running programs with zero experience playing fastpitch softball, trying to teaching the game, and promising to get girls to college.

Softball University has been created to change this trend. We believe young athletes should have the opportunity to learn from those who've gone before them, and achieved what they have their sights set on.

At Softball U, we only hire former collegiate athletes to lead our future college softball players. We offer instruction from athletes with REAL backgrounds, stories, and information to girls with REAL dreams. With so many options for instruction, why not choose Softball university?

Surround yourself with success

Why get instruction from someone who has never embraced the daily grind of a student-athlete. Why learn from someone who has never made the daily sacrifice to play college softball. Why learn from someone who has never gone through the stress of "exposure". Why learn from someone who has never experienced the highs: making the great play, winning a championship, getting a college offer. Why learn for someone who has never experienced the lows: striking out, losing a big game, or getting rejected by your dream school. Why learn from someone who doesn't know what it's like to get in the car after a bad game with your parents. Why follow the footsteps of someone who has never experienced what you are going through now, or what you will need to be prepared for in the future.

All of our instructors have successfully been through the process, from being twelve years old, trying out for a club team, to being fifteen going through the recruiting process, to being nineteen and stepping on the field in Oklahoma City at the Women’s College World Series in front of 20,000 fans. We can help these girls be confident every step of the way. If you want to be successful, surround yourself with people who have walked the paths you want to take. People who have experienced the blood, sweat & tears it takes to play ball at the next level. Only those who have lived it know the sacrifice and dedication it takes to embrace the DAILY GRIND of a student-athlete. At Softball U, you will be receiving hands on advice from those who have made that sacrifice.

Instruction should fit you, not you fit into the instruction

Each Softball University instructor specializes in a specific aspect of the game, so each girl has the ability to learn the skills needed at their position. Our staff is composed only of females who all come from different backgrounds and have the ability to connect with anyone who walks through the door. All aspects of the game are broken down and explained in a way that each athlete can understand. To ensure our athletes are going home with every bit of information, we provide time for girls to take notes and ask questions. Through dedicated time of learning and understanding the WHY, Softball University athletes are truly receiving an education to serve as their foundation for success.

Learning is about two things: Information and Time.

Most athletes take the time to get better by going to team practices, games, and putting in extra practice on their own; however, they are missing out on the INFORMATION. It is proven that it takes high quality and effective practice to master a skill. Spending your time practicing the correct techniques is what will take your game to the next level. It is easy to Google the what, and probably even the why, but you cannot teach the when unless you have played the game. The rhythm and timing of each technical part of the game is picked up by years and years of experience. At Softball U, we look to share that experience and pass on our knowledge to future college prospects. This way, when athletes go out and spend time improving in the sport they love, they are doing it with the correct information in hand.

Softball University: Its more than a lesson, its a lifestyle.