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Softball University offers teams, organizations, and leagues the Powered By Program to ENHANCE their entire experience as a youth sports entity. With years of professional experience in the youth sports industry, we definitely recognize that being a coach or manager is no easy task! With this in mind, we’ve created the Powered By Program to alleviate the pains and stresses that come with handling a youth sports entity so that YOU can focus on what’s important! The game! In short…


Expert Team Training & Instruction Programming

Players are mentored by and learn from former collegiate and professional softball players turned teachers of the game.

Uniform, Equipment, & Fan Gear

Any and all team and fan gear can be custom designed with team logos. Items are purchased through preferred S.U. vendors and shipped directly to parents.

Complete Team Administration

Registration, team budgeting, player accounts, collections, etc. all handled by S.U. staff.

Coach & Team Manager Development

While players learn from S.U. professional instructors, coaches are alongside building relationships and learning from our staff. Additionally, assistance is offered to help create practice plans that will increase efficiency, skills, and excitement.

Parent Development

One-night seminar on relevant information that affects youth athletes. This includes relationship enhancement with athletes and their parents, early sports specialization, burnout, recruiting, etc.

& More!

Players will have access to technology, seminars, and services that aid in the recruiting process!

Our full-time staff will enhance your brand through customized team/organization packages, including:

  • expert skill instruction
  • expert performance training
  • indoor facilities
  • supplying uniforms, fan apparel, and equipment
  • complete admin and tech service (player registration, communication, website, social media)
  • player accounts (accounts payable & receivable)
  • coach development
  • practice plans/curriculum
  • parent/guardian education

Example Package: 6-month fall training program: 1x/week professional skill and performance training led by S.U. staff. Each session, players see up to 7 professional instructors and focus on skill areas such as hitting, infield, pitching, catching, and performance. 1x/week coach-led team practice at academy, discounts on uniforms, fan apparel, and equipment from S.U. 1 vendors, academy open hitting times, discounts to academy training programs (1-1 & group).

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