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Role Models

With the excitement of great preseason matchups, and our Huskies off to a good start, we were interested to know what our young athletes were thinking. We lead with the question, “Who is your favorite softball player”? There were crickets. We were shocked that 150 young ladies who aspire to play college ball, have NO […]

Playing Abroad by Kim Souza

One week after graduating from UW, I left for Germany to play professional softball for the Haar Disciples, which is located in the outskirts of Munich. Former UW teammate, Hailey Bator also came to Munich to play for the Disciples. I wasn’t sure what to expect before going there, but I knew I couldn’t turn […]

Welcome to Softball University!

Becoming an elite athlete is more than physical. On top of our competitive instruction programs, we will also be helping athletes grow off the field. Our Articles page will provide detailed information on multiple topics including: recruiting, nutrition, arm care, confidence, leadership, rehab, routines, time management, etc. All articles will be written only by those […]